Thrissur Pooram 2024 - Kudamattam, Vedikkettu

Thrissur Pooram 2024, Thrissur Pooram Exhibition, Pooram fireworks 2024, Thrissur pooram vedikkettu, Thrissur Pooram Kudamattam, Elangithara melam, Thrissur Pooram Festival 2024 ...
Thrissur Pooram

Thrissur Pooram 2024, Thrissur Pooram Exhibition, Pooram fireworks 2024, Thrissur pooram vedikkettu, Thrissur Pooram Kudamattam, Elangithara melam, Thrissur Pooram Festival 2024

Thrissur Pooram Festival 2024

Thrissur Pooram is Kerala's most famous and spectacular elephant and fireworks festival 'Thrissur Pooram' commonly called the pooram of all poorams. It is celebrated at every year at the famous Vadakkumnathan temple in Thrissur. This famous pooram is celebrated at Thekkinkad maidanam every year in the Malayalam calendar month of Medam (April / May).

Thrissur Pooram 2024 Dates: Thrissur Pooram Festival in this year will begin from April 13th by Pooram Kodiyettam. The sample fire works on April 17th and the Pooram events will be on April 19th.

Thrissur Vadakkumnathan temple is one of the most famous Lord Shiva temple in Kerala, situated in Thekkinkadu maidhanam, a center heart of the city, Thrissur. It is a 36 hours continuous event attracting thousands of pooram fans across the country, this festival is also the biggest attractive event for the international tourists. Thiruvampadi and Paramekkavu are the two major temples to make the festival a remarkable one.

Thrissur Pooram Constituent Temples

Thiruvampadi and Paramekkavu are the two major temples take part in the Thrissur Pooram Festival. The participant poorams are divided into two parts namely "Paramekkavu side" and "Thiruvambady side".

Thiruvambadi Temple

The Paramekkavu side consists of samll poorams from the four temples besides "Paramekkavu Bagavathy". The constituent temple poorams are Pookattikkara-Karamukku Baghavathy, Choorakattukara Baghavathy, Chempukkavu Baghavathy, Panemukkumpilly Sastha.

The Thiruvambady Baghavathy side consists of four small poorams besides Thiruvambady Baghavathy are Ayyanthole Baghavathy, Nethilakkavu Baghavathy, Laoor bagavathy and Kanimangalam Sastha. So Thrissur pooram is the poorams of pooram of these ten constituent poorams.

The Thrissur Pooram starts at the time of Kanimangalam sasthavu ezhunnellippu and followed by the visit of the Devi from the Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi temples to the Vadakkunnathan and other temples ezhunnellippu.

Pooram Celebration Events

A major event in pooram is Madathil varavu- is a panchavadhyam melam, participating more than 200 artists, consists of thimila, taddalam, trumpet, cymbal and edakka. At 2'O clock, the famous Ilanjithara melam starts, in which scores of artists playing drums, pipes and cymbals. After the Ilanjithara melam, both Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi temples groups enter the Vadakkumnathan temple through the western gate and come out through the southern gate and laid in face to face in distant places. Two groups exchange colorful umbrellas competitively at the top of the elephants called Kudamattom. Next day early morning, at 3' 0 Clock the night spectacular display of fireworks begins and it lasts till the morning.

Thrissur Pooram fireworks

The Main and one of the most important event which will be held during Thrissur pooram at midnight is the Fireworks (vedikettu). The display of pooram fireworks will be on the seventh day after the flag hoisting. This year the fireworks display will be held without any restrictions. One can see a spectacular and eye-catching display of Fireworks which will be held at Thekkinkadu Maidanam. The display of fireworks will start in early morning. The Sample Vedikettu will take place on 8th May. The Sample Vedikettu will be starting from 7.00 PM

Schedule and dates of Thrissur Pooram

Thrissur Pooram 2024 Dates and Schedule

Thrissur Pooram 2024 Kodiyettam Date : 13th April 2024
Display of caparisons: 16th April 2024
Thrissur Pooram 2024 Sample Vedikettu : 17th April 2024

Thrissur Pooram 2024 Date: 19th April 2023
Madathil Varavu 11:30 AM,
Elinjithara Melam 2:00 PM,
Royal Dharbhar 5:30 PM

Date : 20th April 2024
Pooram Fire Works 3:00 AM,
Farewell 12:00 PM

How to get There ?

Nearest railway station: Thrissur, about a kilometer away.

Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, about 58 km from Thrissur.

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