How to get travel E-pass in Lockdown Maharashtra

Maharashtra E-Pass

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The peoples those who are stucked in Maharashtra due to the period of lockdown is now having a big opportunity to get out of Maharashtra using the Epass/Travel pass. The Government of Maharashtra has launched an exclusive website for the production Epass to the peoples those who want to enter or exit the state.

Epass/Emergency Travel Pass Maharashtra

The person who needs to get out of the state or enter the state needs to apply for the pass to enter the state of Maharshtra. The person should register through the official web site with their personal details and the reason for the travel. Persons who needs to get out of the the state or enter the state should have tto keep this epass/travel pass at he time of travel. This pass is required to produce at the time of entering the state in the check posts.

The Person should have to give the valid photo id card and the supporting documents whenever asked by the Police or any state officials.

How to apply for Epass/Emergency travel pass in Maharashtra

1) Visit the official website :

2) Fill the details such as - name, mobile number, date of birth/age, address, area for which e-pass needed, etc.

3) Click on the Submit button to apply for a travel pass.

4) After the verification and approval by the concerned departments, you can download the e-pass using the token ID

5) The e-pass will contain your details such as vehicle number, validity and a QR code.

6) Keep it while traveling and show it to the police when asked

Covid 19 Travel E Pass

The person who want to travel in Covid 19 lockdown states must have to keep a travel pass from the related authority at the time of travel. Most of the states have arranged an online facility to issue the Travel pass.

Below links shows the online websites providing the travel pass by various states.

Kerala Kerala Covid19 Jagratha Pass,
Andaman & Nicobar Nicobars district
North and Middle Andaman
South Andaman
Andra Pradesh Andra Pradesh Travel Pass
Assam Assam Travel Pass
Bihar Bihar Travel Pass
Chandigarh Chandigarh Travel Pass
Chhattisgarh Chhattisgarh Travel Pass
Daman and Diu Daman and Diu Travel Pass
Delhi Delhi Travel Pass
Goa Goa Travel Pass
Goa Temporary Pass
Hariyana Hariyana Travel Pass
Himachal Pradesh Himachal Pradesh Travel Pass
Jammu and Karshmir Jammu and Karshmir Travel Pass
Jharkhand Jharkhand Travel Pass
Karnataka Karnataka Travel Pass
Ladakh Ladakh Travel Pass
Maharashtra Maharashtra E Pass
Madya pradesh Madya pradesh Travel Pass
Meghalaya Meghalaya Travel Pass
Odisha Odisha Travel Pass
Puducherryi Puducherryi Travel Pass
Panjab Panjab Travel Pass
Rajasthan Rajasthan Travel Pass
Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu Travel Pass
Telengana Telengana Travel Pass
Uthar pradesh Uthar pradesh Travel Pass
Utharakhand Uharakhand Travel Pass
West Bengal West Bengal Travel Pass

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